HF Scoring Guidance

The Basic and Gold HF Awards both require the collection of contacts (or reports for SWLs) with the Gx100RSGB as it moves between the RSGB Regions and any combination of points gained from multiple band contacts with UK IOTA Islands, Commonwealth Call areas (CCC) and ITU Zones.

To demonstrate how this works let’s assume that our first contact in 2013, was with a fictitious VE3XZY. This contact, which was made at 0034z has the leading zeros omitted in the time column. The contact will score a point for a new CCC on 160m as well as a new ITU Zone (Zone 4) on 160m. The total score is thus two:

VHF guidance

For the next contact, we will assume that we have worked the Gx100RSGB SES on 80m:

VHF guidance

With the Gx100RSGB SES contact we can claim a point for Region 3/80m (as it will have operated from RSGB Region 3 between 1st and 28th Jan), but we can also claim for an 80m UK IOTA (assumed EU-005), an 80m CCC and and 80m ITU Zone (Zone 27). This brings the total score to six. If we subsequently had a further contact with G100RSGB on another HF band, whilst the station was still in Region 3, then we could claim another point for a Region 3 for the different band.

The next contact is the fictitious MM9AAA, which we assume for this example operates from the Shetland Isles, so can claim a point for a new 80m UK IOTA (EU-012) as well as new CCC (GM), bringing the score to eight:

VHF guidance

The next contact is another contact with G100RSGB, which by then will be operating from various locations within RGSB Region 4 (North East England). Thus, we can claim a point for Region 4/20m, as well as a point for a new 20m UK IOTA (EU-005) – our earlier contact with EU-005 was on 80m – and also similarly points for the 20m CCC and 20m ITU Zone 27. This brings the total score to 12:

VHF guidance

The final example is the contact with the station in Guernsey:

VHF guidance

Here, we can claim a point for a new 80m UK IOTA (EU-114) as well as a new 80m CCC, but not a new ITU Zone, as Zone 27 was previously claimed for 80m with the G100RSGB contact on 1st Jan. This brings the total to 14 points.

Further help

Further help can be gained by completing the relevant Check Sheet, where one is able to keep a tally of the Regions/Bands contacted, as well as the Locator Squares, IOTA and DXCC entities that have been work on a per band basis.

It may seem complex, but you’ll soon get the hang of it, and it should keep you occupied throughout the year, especially to gain some of those final RSGB Regions/Bands!

Queries, etc, can be directed to awardsSpacersgb.org.uk