Board of Directors

The RSGB Board plays an important role in the strategic direction of the Society.

The Board comprises the President, four directly elected members and three members identified by the Nominations Committee—and endorsed by the membership. Directors may also be co-opted for specific roles.

They are always keen to talk to Members at events, so look out for them!

The Honorary Treasurer, Company Secretary, General Manager and other Advisors are not Directors, but are in attendance at Board meetings.

Liaison roles

The work of the Society is carried out by volunteers and staff members. The activities and specialist areas are grouped across five teams. This provides an integrated approach to effective planning and review. Each team is composed of several Committees, Honorary Officers and other groups with a related purpose.

Since projects may require topic expertise not present within a single team it is expected that teams may work together on larger projects.

Each Director/Executive is assigned to a team and has a liaison role between the Board and specific aspects of the Society’s work. They will also be responsible for leading one or two of the Society’s eight Strategic Priorities.

The teams

Operating Team

Strategy priorities: Participation and Diversity
Board Directors/Executives: Stewart Bryant, G3YSX and Len Paget GM0ONX
Areas of responsibility:
Contests and Spectrum roles include responsibilities for both contributing Committees and strategic direction

Stewart Bryant, G3YSX Len Paget, GM0ONX
Contests, Trophies, Awards Emergency Comms, Repeaters, ARDF, OAS

Learning Team

Strategy priorities: Growth and Membership
Board Directors/Executives: Dave Wilson, M0OBW 

Areas of responsibility:

Dave Wilson M0OBW
Exams (ESRG and ESC)  Special Interest Groups, Beyond Exams, Accessibility, GB2CW

Representation Team

Strategy priorities: Spectrum and Organisation
Board Directors/Executives: Dave Wilson, M0OBW

Areas of responsibility:

Len Paget GM0ONX Dave Wilson, M0OBW
Spectrum Forum, Regional Team, Professional Bodies IARU, Intruder Watch, Planning

Innovation Team

Strategy priorities: Research Diversity and Growth
Board Directors/Executives: 

Areas of responsibility:

Innovation, Tech Forum, ARISS, Youth Amateur Radio Development, Propagation Studies, EMC

Support Team

Strategy priorities: Membership and Recognition
Board Directors/Executives: TBA and Steve Thomas, M1ACB
Areas of responsibility:

TBA Steve Thomas, M1ACB
 Legacy, Publications, Welfare HQ, News, NRC, Convention, Communications

Board responsibilities

Board directors and executives have a responsibility to—

  • Set strategic aims and provide leadership to achieve them
  • Establish policies and monitor their implementation
  • Require clearly defined delegated responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Review operations, key controls, compliance, audits and risk assessments
  • Ensure team issues are addressed and that relevant policies and decisions are communicated effectively


Strategy 2022 identified eight priorities: Growth, Spectrum, Participation, Research, Diversity, Membership, Recognition and Organisation. The Board believes that the best way to ensure progress in all the priorities is for one Board member to take the lead for each priority. This ensures that decisions taken by the Board will have been reviewed for their full strategic potential.

We want to encourage initiatives which bring together the expertise of our Committees, Honorary Officers and Regional Teams, while ensuring that what we do across the organisation addresses our Strategic Priorities. By doing this we will ensure that the considerable time and effort given by all our volunteers will be amplified for the future benefit of amateur radio as a whole.