Silent Keys

This page contains obituaries submitted by friends and relatives of Silent Keys.

We welcome obituaries from clubs or individuals when an amateur sadly passes away.

Please send submissions by email only to You are welcome to attach one or more photographs of or relevant to the Silent key.

All submissions will be moderated.

This Obituaries section is separate from the Silent Keys column in RadCom. To notify the RSGB that a Member has passed away (and that their subscription should end and they should be listed in Silent Keys) please email, stating the deceased person’s name, callsign, date of death (if known) plus your name and relationship to the deceased (eg brother, member of same radio club etc). These reports can also be made by phone to 01234 832 700, option 1.

Please note that Ofcom should also be informed of the death – the licencing department is on 0207 981 3131 – unfortunately the RSGB cannot do this for you.


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