Silent Keys

This page contains obituaries submitted by friends and relatives of Silent Keys.

We welcome obituaries from clubs or individuals when any amateur sadly passes away, irrespective of whether they were a Member of the RSGB.

Please send submissions by email only to You are welcome to attach one or more photographs of, or relevant to, the person.

All submissions will be moderated (this usually just means editing for spelling and grammar).

Note that by sending any text and/or images you warrant that you are the copyright owner (or have their permission) and convey to RSGB the necessary permissions to publish the information on the RSGB website and/or other media.

This Obituaries section is separate from the Silent Keys column in RadCom and also from the RadCom / RSGB Membership. To notify the RSGB that a Member has passed away (and that their subscription should end and they should be listed in RadCom’s Silent Keys section) please email, stating the deceased person’s name, callsign, date of death (if known) plus your name and relationship to the deceased (eg brother, member of same radio club etc). These reports can also be made by phone to 01234 832 700, option 1.

Please note that Ofcom should also be informed of the death – the licencing department is on 0207 981 3131 – regrettably the RSGB cannot do this for you, mainly for data protection reasons.

What to do with the shack and aerials. Sadly, we are called in to advise surviving relatives how to deal with the radio equipment, aerials and so forth. There are three general approaches we recommend:

  • If the person was, or had ever been, a Member of the RSGB, contact your area’s RSGB Regional Representative, who are all volunteers. This page will let you see which Region you are in and you can click on your area of the map to contact the right person. Let them know you need help with clearing a shack and include your phone number. RSGB Regional Representatives do not normally buy equipment themselves but they can give you a lot of help in working out what’s valuable and how & where it might be sold, or perhaps donated for the benefit of others (eg to a Scout troop).
  • Another possibility is to contact your nearest amateur radio club. This page will help you find your nearest club(s) and you can ask for similar help as you would from a Regional Representative. Many clubs also hold in-house sales from time to time, variously on an auction or fixed-price basis, and will gladly advise.
  • If you want to offer the late amateur’s equipment for sale via a RadCom Members’ Ad, please see here. Provided our records show that the person was a Member of the RSGB at some time then we will include a ‘Silent Key sale’ listing with our compliments.
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