Useful practical skills for new licensees

Have you passed your licence exams during lockdown? Would you like to learn some useful practical skills to help you make the most of your licence?

Whether you’re a new Foundation, Intermediate or Full licence holder, the RSGB has created this series of six videos that introduce you to some of the most common amateur radio construction skills you will need.

The videos get more detailed through the series, with a growing level of skill required.

A big thank you to Dominic, M0BLF; Rob, M0VFC and ESRG member Greg, M0ODZ who helped to create these videos as part of our continuing ‘Get on the air to care’ campaign.

Thanks also to Henry-James, M7HJR; Lee, M7MUT; Jenny, M6JUT; and Dave, M7WUT who volunteered to learn the skills via remote teaching during the current lockdown.

The videos

Beyond Exams

If you have been inspired by these videos and would like to see other resources, take a look at our Beyond Exams web page.

You’ll find things to try in our Club and Individual schemes; other videos to watch; links to RadCom Basics and a chance to join the Facebook Group specially for new licensees.