Beyond Exams Individual Scheme

The Beyond Exams Individual Scheme allows you to explore amateur radio and build your skills independently

The scheme consists of 150 activities ranging from simple to advanced, based around nine themes.

You will receive virtual rewards as you complete activities and gain experience.

What are the activities?

Activities are grouped into nine themes:

  • Contesting and radio sport
    Take part in contests from an informal local foxhunt to winning a formal contest
  • Digital, image and satellite operating
    Try these modes that are becoming more common
  • General operating
    From traditional amateur radio operating with a handheld rig through a repeater, to EME and everything in between
  • Learning and research
    Expand your proficiency, technical knowledge, Morse code, writing articles; plus exploration of SDR systems through to researching the application of artificial intelligence in amateur radio or writing a book
  • Making
    From simple kits, through to designing and building a complex piece of equipment, including software, microcontrollers and single board computers
  • Operating awards
    Badges for achievements in, for example SOTA, WAB, and various RSGB awards
  • Participation activities (non-contest)
    Get involved in volunteering, mentoring, DXpeditions, club talks, YOTA, JOTA and TDOTA events
  • Promoting amateur radio
    Special event stations, demonstrations, social media and so on
  • Tinkering and experimenting
    Setting up for digital operation, remote operation, improving station performance; plus antenna and propagation testing, modifications and anything else you can think of

How will I be rewarded for my achievements?

Within the Individual Scheme worksheet you receive virtual rewards [badges] for each activity tried and completed.

You will gain a virtual award when you reach certain levels of achievement within each theme.

The rewards range from Getting There, through to Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Who can take part?

Anyone can take part in the Individual Scheme, whether they’re an RSGB member or not.

Most of the activities do require an amateur radio licence.

The scheme is free of charge and you can work through it at your own pace.

How do I join in?

You will download an Individual Scheme worksheet that includes an interactive activity and rewards list, a scoresheet and an achievement certificate.

There is also a diary so you can make notes of what you’ve been doing for each activity.

You don’t need an internet connection to use the worksheet and if you want to print any or all of these you can do that.

Some activities lend themselves to a bit of competition so, if you enjoy that, there’s a facility for that as well.

When you’ve done a particular activity you simply enter the date you completed it into the activity and virtual rewards list.

The scoresheet and achievement certificate update automatically, along with the diary.

You don’t need to complete the worksheet to try out the activities – it just provides a framework and a bit of fun as you explore what amateur radio has to offer.

Guidelines and conditions of use

As you will be working independently, there are a few guidelines and conditions of use for the scheme.

Follow the link below and, once you’ve read the conditions of use, you will be able to download the Individual Scheme worksheet.

Additional resources

There is an enormous amount of useful material on the internet.

The RSGB and others publish a wide range of books that can assist you in taking up one of the activities.

A social media group or forum will be another good place to start or ask questions.

If you are unfamiliar with your choice of activity, take the time to find out more about it or get guidance from someone more experienced, before you take part.