QSL Bureau

Two amateurs discussing QSL cards


About RSGB QSL Bureau

The RSGB provides a service for its members to exchange QSL cards at a fraction of the cost of sending them direct.

Most national radio societies operate bureaus, some making an extra charge for this service.

The RSGB provides the bureau as part of its membership services, so only members may send cards to the bureau for distribution.

It should be borne in mind that this is a volunteer service and is not necessarily the quickest way of sending and receiving cards.

The RSGB QSL Bureau processes more than 1.5 million cards a year—both incoming and outgoing—making it one of the busiest QSL sorting facilities in the world.

Although the sending of QSL cards through the QSL bureau is a members only benefit, RSGB offers a card receive facility for non-members, allowing them to collect incoming cards but not send, for a small annual fee.

All QSL cards from RSGB members destined for distribution for amateurs in all parts of the world are sent to the RSGB QSL Bureau at this address.