Operating Advisory Service

A small radio rig and a dual-band yagi

The Operating Advisory Service (OAS) is a volunteer-run service which provides guidance to licensed radio amateurs and direct support to RSGB Members.

The OAS helps promote good practice, and also advises on how to manage problematic behaviour and poor operating practice on the amateur bands.

Support is given in these forms:

  • OAS Regional Advisors will respond to invitations to talk to clubs in their area about operating
  • The OAS team will work together nationally to find help and advice for you
  • Documentary advice is being developed for the RSGB website, available to everyone
  • RSGB Members can also request personal help from their local OAS team
  • OAS Advisory Note: Abusive Transmissions, September 2019
    (2-page/164KB PDF)

The team is led by the OAS Coordinator, supported by a group of Regional Operating Advisors.

For issues with international intrusion within the UK amateur bands, please refer to Intruder Watch.