Operating Advisory Service

A small radio rig and a dual-band yagi

The Operating Advisory Service (OAS) is a volunteer-run service which provides guidance and support to RSGB Members.

The OAS helps promote good practice by advising how to manage problematic behaviour and poor operating practice on the amateur bands.

Support is given in these forms:

  • OAS Regional Advisors will respond to invitations to talk to clubs in their area about operating
  • The OAS team works nationally to find help and advice for members
  • The advice given will depend on the nature of the problem. Initial advice is available by contacting OAS directly: oas@rsgb.org.uk
  • If it is necessary, the OAS coordinator will widen the discussion to include the appropriate Regional Representative and/or specialist committees such as the Emerging Technology Coordination Committee (ETCC) for additional background information

It is important that anybody experiencing issues contacts us using the email address above to ensure that records are kept for any discussions with Ofcom at a later date.

The team is led by the OAS Coordinator, supported by a group of Regional Operating Advisors

The team does not meet as a committee and therefore doesn’t publish minutes.

For issues with international intrusion within the UK amateur bands, please refer to Intruder Watch.