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RadCom Basics is a bi-monthly digital publication that explores key aspects of amateur radio in a straightforward and accessible way.


In this edition…

  • Welcome to the latest edition from Lee, G4EJB, RadCom Basics editor
    In this edition, a mention of the Beyond Exams programme to support and encourage those new to our hobby. I take a look at GB2RS News and the wealth of information made available to us all every week.
  • Sporadic-E
    Getting an appreciation of Sporadic-E to make use of Jim Bacon, G3YLA’s propquest during the Sporadic-E season with results on 10m
  • Morse code
    You may have read the Getting Started article about Morse code on the RSGB website and still pondering, is Morse code for you? A listen at the bottom end of most HF bands tells you it is surprisingly popular, even with the advent of weak signal data modes. Well, it is the original weak signal mode and can be fun – that’s why.
  • RSGB Band Plans and information
    On the RSGB main website there is all the information you need to know about the amateur band allocations for the UK. Is that stating the obvious?
  • Index of RadCom Basics articles: editions 1 to 17
    To help you find recent articles in RadCom Basics


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