Exams – club exam bookings FAQ

Our online booking system for individual radio amateurs is very successful and we want to provide that same efficient process for clubs.
We provide both options. As you go through the online booking system you can choose either to book and pay for all the exams, or to book the exams and allow the candidates to pay individually. If you choose the second option, you will be sent a unique reference number and a web link for the candidates to use to go to the payment site. Your exam booking for each individual candidate won’t be confirmed until that candidate has paid.
No, the entire booking process is completed online.
For online exams, all registration documents (RAS) will be electronic and the Lead Invigilator will email them back to the RSGB. For paper exams, the paperwork will be the same as before, but that may change as the system develops.        
No, the purpose of introducing the club online booking system is to have a more consistent method for requesting exams to ensure a smoother process for everyone.
You need to pay by credit or debit card. We no longer accept cheques or bank transfers. This, again, is to create a more consistent and efficient booking process.
No, under those circumstances, candidates should book their exams individually and a remote invigilator will monitor the exam. This option is offered at the start of the exam booking process—see rsgb.org/exam-bookings.
If this FAQ didn't answer your question or if you have any further questions, please contact Examinations Quality Manager and Board Liaison Dave Wilson, M0OBW on eqam@rsgb.org.uk