RSGB Construction Competition 2024

The RSGB recognises the importance of construction as a key element of amateur radio, whether that is using traditional construction skills or a software or systems engineering project.

We have announced the winners and runners up during the RSGB Annual General Meeting on 13 April 2024. Congratulations to you all and thanks to everyone who submitted an entry and shared your projects with us.

For more information and photos about the projects, see the full feature that will appear in the June RadCom

Antennas: an opportunity to design and build an antenna of your choice

Winner – David Matthews, GM8HFP for “Magnetic loop antenna and controllers”

Runner up – Matt Heywood, M7ENW for “Jaromir Yagi”

Beginners: a chance to build a kit or create your own equipment to help you take your first steps into amateur radio

Winner and recipient of the Gavin Nesbitt, MM1BXF trophy – Charlie Camilleri, G3ABC for “QO-100 DATV-capable station”

Runner up – Hannah Lee, M7YYQ for “Quarter-wave vertical antenna”

Construction excellence: recognising the skill and craftsmanship used in building your project

Winner – James Winnard, G3SPE for “1kW linear amplifier”

Runner up – Craig Shaw, G0KVL for “Scrapheap challenge bug”

Innovation: recognising an original contribution to the art and science of radio communication

Winner – William Cooper, G7FDD for “The tomato ketchup antenna”

No runner up

Software: recognising the importance of software technology to all aspects of amateur radio

Winner – Heather Nickalls, M0HMO for “Meteor Beacon Network Software”

Runner up – Steven Hiscocks, M1SDH for “Map tool to help UK amateurs”

Most creative and/or elegant PCB Design: consideration will be given to designs with both artistic and engineering merit

Winner – Jon Trinder, GM0HYY for “Code Practice Oscillator”

No runner up

Overall construction competition winner and recipient of the Pat Hawker G3VA Award

Winner – Heather Nickalls, M0HMO  for “Meteor Beacon Network Software”

Comments: In terms of the amount of effort required, the understanding shown and its value to the amateur radio community, the judges felt that this project was the clear winner.


Thinking about your next project? Watch and be inspired!

Tonight@8 in December was dedicated to the RSGB Construction Competition. Three people who have entered the competition in previous years talked about their construction projects and why they chose to enter: Jenny Curtis, M7JNY; Colin Murray, GM4EAU; and David Law, G0LBK.

RSGB General Manager, Steve Thomas, M1ACB also introduced the new trophy for the Beginners Category which has been created in memory of Gavin Nesbitt, MM1BXF. Click on the image below to watch the presentation.