Construction competition

The RSGB recognises the importance of construction as a key element of amateur radio, whether that is using traditional construction skills or a software or systems engineering project.

Following the success of last year, the 2023 RSGB Construction Competition was again held online with entries judged over the internet.

Thank you to all of you who took part; we loved receiving your entries.

Many congratulations to our winners and runners up!

Beginners’ category

Winner and recipient of the new Gavin Nesbitt, MM1BXF trophy: Jenny Curtis, M7JNY for Emergency Vertical Antenna

Runner up: Simon Pearce, M7EWO for Dipole element adjuster

Construction Excellence category

Winner: David Law, G0LBK for 23cm band EME dish antenna

Runner up: Jim Winnard, G3SPE for All semiconductor AM Transmitter

Honourable Mentions:

David Ollerhead, G4JMF for 80m crystal-controlled 60W AM Transmitter

Dave Crump, G8GKQ for The Portsdown Double

David Holman, M0YDH and Ron Wellsted, M0RNW for G8TA Centenary Digital ATV Transceiver.

Innovation category

Winner: Tim Forrester, G4WIM for Improved rotator controller with Doppler RDF.

Software category

Winner: Oli Sturm, MM0YOS for RSGB EMF Calculator

Overall winner of Construction Competition 2023

Congratulations to David Law, G0LBK for 23cm band EME dish antenna, who receives the Pat Hawker G3VA Award.


See photos of the entries in the June issue of RadCom.