Construction competition

The RSGB recognises the importance of construction as a key element of amateur radio, whether that is using traditional construction skills or a software or systems engineering project

This year we have separated the annual Construction Competition from the RSGB Convention and moved the deadline to after the festive season so that RSGB Members get to use the dark winter evenings to construct their entry.

Following on from the success of last year, the annual RSGB Construction Competition will again be held online with entries judged over the internet.

This allows many more members to participate in the event than would be possible with a physical event of the type that we have held in the past.

How to enter

If you are a member of the RSGB you can enter as an individual or a team using the following process:

  1. Email a short description of your entry and up to four photographs to
  2. If your entry needs further explanation, an appointment will be made for you to talk to the judges and demonstrate your project using video conferencing technology
  3. The deadline for entries is 1 March 2022

The results of the competition will be announced during the 2022 RSGB Annual General Meeting in April.


The judges will consider entries in four categories:

  1. Beginners: a chance to build a kit, create your own antenna or construct something else to help you take your first steps into amateur radio
  2. Construction excellence: recognising the skill and craftsmanship used in building the entry
  3. Innovation: recognising an original contribution to the art and science of wireless or radio communication
  4. Software: recognising the importance of software technology to all aspects of amateur radio.
    The judges will choose the section in which an entry is judged and the number of prizes/awards, after they have looked at all of the projects submitted.

A cash prize will be awarded for the winner of each section, with a bonus for the overall winner, who will also be declared the winner of the Pat Hawker G3VA Trophy

Special recognition

The judges will give special recognition to entries submitted by:

  1. Radio amateurs under the age of 24
  2. Those who have just gained their Foundation licence

“…nobody is going to pull your work apart to prove why it is wrong. What is being judged in the competition is your creativity, your care and your passion…”