School Zone

Does your school or college run an amateur radio club? Or are you interested in setting up a club at your school or college?

School Zone brings together the names and contact details of radio amateurs in schools and colleges. We want to help people share their experience and expertise of establishing and running a radio club for young people.

  • Kingsmead School, Wiveliscombe, Taunton, Somerset
    Kingsmead School Amateur Radio Club (M0KSB)
    Jon Matthews, G6ASK:
  • Mallaig High School, Highland, Inverness
    Mallaig High School ARC (GM5MHS)
    Lyall Smith, GM4XID:
  • Ormiston Horizon Academy, Stoke on Trent, Staffs.
    Ormiston Horizon Academy Radio Club (M0OHA)
    Leigh Preece, M5GWH:
  • Sandringham School, St Albans, Herts.
    Sandringham School Youngsters (M0SCY)
    Alan Gray, G4DJX:
    Sandringham School amateur radio club information
  • Wick High School, Wick, Caithness
    Wick High School Radio Club (GM0WHS)
    Chris Aitken, MM0WIC:


All information has been provided by the schools and colleges – please use the websites to check the latest contact information.

If you would like to be added to the list, send the details to


In search of a grant to fund your school amateur radio project?


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