Awards & programmes

One of the most exciting facets of amateur radio operating is awards chasing.

It is a major motivating force of so many QSOs that occur on the bands day after day. Aside from the fun of operating itself, awards chasing is also a good way to get maximum performance from your station, become familiar with propagation, and even learn about the geography, history or culture of places near and far.


The RSGB HF Awards Programme aims to make the attainment of awards progressive, challenging and achievable in a reasonable time frame.

The RSGB VHF/UHF Awards Programme recognises successful operating achievements that depend on the special propagation modes which can be experienced at these frequencies.

LoTW QSLWhilst the traditional method of proof of contact by QSL cards is still acceptable, LoTW confirmation is also available using the unique Record ID number.  For information on adding Logbook of The World (LoTW) confirmations to an RSGB Awards Claim Spreadsheet Click Here

When your claim has been approved by the RSGB Awards Manager you will be given a code number to be entered on the Order page to obtain your certificate.  Price and ordering information are available at the RSGB Shop


NOTE:  As from January 2017 the format of some of the RSGB Awards have changed, claims from anyone currently working towards the originally formats will be honoured