Award chasing is one of the most exciting parts of amateur radio

The RSGB awards are open to everyone, whatever your age, licence level and personal interests.

Awards encourage you to push yourself further. Along the way, you will learn more about propagation and space weather, experiment with equipment and make tweaks to your station to maximise performance.

Take a look at our range of awards

  • RSGB HF awards
    The HF awards are a great introduction to communicating across the world. These awards allow you to progress from one level to the next. They offer a challenge, yet are achievable within a reasonable timescale.
  • RSGB VHF/UHF awards
    The VHF/UHF bands can prove a tricky, yet rewarding. These awards encourage you to use frequencies that depend on special propagation modes.

How do I apply for an RSGB award?

Each of our awards has an application form and check sheet to record your qualifying QSOs.

LoTW QSLWhen you are ready to apply for an award, complete the application form and check sheet. Indicate if you require a QSL card checker or whether you have enclosed a stamped-addressed envelope (SAE) for your QSL card return. Please put your cards into the same order as on your check sheet.

Alternatively, you may scan and email both sides of your QSL cards, use ClubLog or Logbook of The World (LoTW) (using the unique record ID number that can be included on the check sheet).

Then email or post to the RSGB Awards Manager, whose details are on the award application form. (Please do not send your QSL cards to RSGB HQ).

If you wish to apply as an amateur radio club, follow the above process, using the club’s name. Awards will be issued with the club’s call sign.

What happens next?

If you require a card checker, the RSGB Awards Manager will contact you to arrange this. Once your award has been verified you will be emailed a code number. You can use this to order your certificate via the RSGB Shop, where prices and ordering options are listed.

Recent award recipients

Take a look at who has recently achieved an RSGB award here.

NOTE: The format of some of the RSGB Awards has changed. Claims from anyone currently working towards the original formats will be honoured. Please download the latest version of the award application form before submitting your claim.