Youth awards


The RSGB Youth Team has set two radio challenges

Both are fun, so your first step is to decide which you want to try first.

  • RSGB Youth Award
    Based on the contesting discipline, you will need a radio licence and be under 26 years old
  • Radio Surfer Award
    A series of challenges that earn you points—you don’t need a licence and while it is aimed at young people, anyone can take part

RSGB Youth Award

This is the perfect award for newly-licenced young people who have a home or club station and enjoy making contacts.

You can use any mode which makes this an ideal way to get into FT8 or some less popular modes that may interest you.

Radio Surfer Award

The Radio Surfer Award encourages you to try something new.

There is a list of challenges and you choose what you do.

You will score points for each challenge.

The more demanding challenges give you more points.

This award is more about experimentation, so even if your experiments have not worked, you can still have fun trying while you earn points.

Surfing is fun, so put your wet suit on and see what waves you can catch!