Bletchley Park visitors’ voucher

Bletchley Park visitors' voucher

Visit the world-famous Bletchley Park estate for free!

The Bletchley Park visitors’ voucher is an RSGB Membership benefit—no sign up is required, just log into your Membership Services account now to get your voucher.

Your voucher includes admission to the RSGB National Radio Centre—our world class radio communications educational centre on the Bletchley Park estate.

Essential visitor information

Before downloading your voucher, it is essential that you read the advice below, as there are new visitor arrangements at Bletchley Park.

In order to gain admittance to the Bletchley Park site, and so access to the NRC, you first need to book a pre-arranged timed entry slot to gain entry to Bletchley Park on a specific day

Entry slots are allocated in 15 minute intervals to help avoid queuing and overcrowding.

How to book your Bletchley Park entry slot

  • Go to the Bletchley Park web site at
  • Follow the steps to: BOOK NOW > Select a DATE > Start BOOKING (Booking Admissions)
  • Select the ticket type: FRIEND (£0)
  • Choose an entry date and time slot
  • Proceed to CHECKOUT
  • Print your ticket

Please note the following –

The FRIEND ticket can only be used by the RSGB Member with an accompanying RSGB free entry voucher.

If you are coming to Bletchley Park with a non-RSGB Member, they will need to purchase a visitor type entry ticket to Bletchley Park.

How to download your Bletchley Park free admission voucher

  • After booking your Bletchley Park entry slot, follow the link below to download your RSGB Member’s free admission voucher
  • Make sure the date on your RSGB free admission voucher is the same date as on your Bletchley Park entry slot, as both are only valid for the date specified, and are non-transferable.
  • You will need to bring printouts of both the FRIEND ticket and the RSGB voucher to the Bletchley Park admissions desk.

Important information about National Radio Centre opening times and facilities

If you plan to visit the RSGB National Radio Centre (NRC) during your visit to Bletchley Park, please note the following –

  • The NRC is closed every Wednesday
  • The Radio Room has restricted viewing, and operation of the GB3RS station is not permitted by visiting radio amateurs

We apologise for any disappointment this may cause, but hope you will understand our caution while the COVID-19 situation is ongoing.

Announcements advising any changes to the situation will be made via the NRC and RSGB websites, our social media channels, and on our GB2RS news service.

Get your voucher and find out more

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