Coding and amateur radio

National Coding Week 2023 ran from 14 September but the RSGB dedicated the whole of September to amateur radio and coding activities. This initiative was part of the Society’s commitment to encourage youngsters into amateur radio and to support lifelong learning. 

Even though the official week is over, why not take a look at the great coding activities you could try yourself, with your club or arrange at a local school or community group. Anytime is a good time to learn more and share your knowledge and enthusiasm with others!

Click or tap on the activity titles to find everything you need to know to be able to run the activity or try it yourself…

Morse texting

Morse game

Networking with the BBC micro:bit

Radio control

Node RED

GNU radio

Digital VFO

John Hislop, G7OHO who led this activity said:

“We want to introduce coding to radio amateurs to encourage them to learn about new ways of looking at amateur radio. Young people are more inclined towards the opportunities of coding, so the activities would provide an entry for them into the world of amateur radio. Most of all, we want members to have fun exploring coding and electronics.

So whether you belong to a club or not, if you are an experienced coder we would like you to pass on your enthusiasm to a local school or STEM club with the help of our suggested activities. If you are new to coding and have no idea what Python is or a Raspberry Pi, then we hope the activities will set you on the path of discovery!”

Feeling inspired?

You can read all about celebrating amateur radio and coding in November 2023’s RadCom.