International Women in Engineering Day 2023

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) celebrates the amazing work of women engineers across the globe.

We know that amateur radio is a great foundation for STEM careers. For INWED, we are sharing a few of your stories to inspire future generations of girls and young women – some are radio amateurs and some have been encouraged by radio amateurs in their families or workplaces.


Deborah’s career has been inspired by her dad Ian Suart, GM4AUP who is the RSGB OAS Coordinator and a former RSGB President. Read her story.



Heather, M0HMO worked for engineering companies throughout her career, and discovered amateur radio early on in her retirement. Read more on Heather’s career.



Daisy is a Junior Aerospace Engineer. She gave a talk in the AMSAT stream at last year’s RSGB Convention. Take a look at how she got into the space industry and find out which radio amateur has inspired her.




Megan holds a first-class honours degree (MEng) in Civil and Architectural Engineering. Her stepfather, Max White, M0VNG who is Group Secretary for Gloucestershire County RAYNET, shared her story with us.




Younger members of John Hislop’s STEAMettes group will be brushing up on their Morse and coding skills as part of this year’s INWED.



Ayse works in the space industry. Gaining her amateur radio licence is one of her future goals. Have a read about how she got into her career.




Thank you all for sharing your stories.


…amateur radio develops a great set of skills that can be used in engineering including physics, technology and communication. These are essential in modern engineering…