Online NoV Applications

apply-for-novs-onlineHolders of amateur radio licences can apply for NoVs online from this website

Just complete a short application form and your NoV will be automatically emailed to you.

Information regarding other NoVs is also below.


NoVs available from this website

NoVs available from the ETCC website

Applications for voice/TV repeaters, datacomms and internet gateways are coordinated by RSGB-ETCC. They also host the Beacon application process.

Important NoV information

  • Please check the Ofcom website for further information about NoVs.

These are are for Full Licensees only:-

  • 70.5-71.5 MHz: The 71MHz NoV process is now available —see extra information
  • 147MHz: The latest 146-147 MHz NoV is now available—see extra information
  • 2.3GHz: The new 2300-2302 MHz NoV is now available—see extra information
  • 275GHz: An NoV for bands above 275GHz is now available—see extra information
  • Beacons: Propagation Beacon NoVs generally also require IARU-R1 coordination in order to proceed—please contact HQ first (ETCC host an application service)
  • SCC – Special Contest (shorter) Callsigns

Note: 472kHz and 5MHz were incorporated into the revised amateur 2015 licence for Full licensees, which replaced the requirement for separate NoVs.