Operating for Visitors

I hold an Overseas Amateur Radio Licence…
Can I operate in the UK?


Ofcom (the UK Regulator) may authorise amateurs to operate in the UK if the country that issued the overseas amateur radio licence is either:-

  • A signatory to CEPT T/R 61-01 (for a visit up to three months)
  • A signatory to CEPT T/R 61-02 (for a Reciprocal Licence)
  • Has a bilateral agreement with the UK for the mutual recognition of amateur radio licences


  • Only Class-1 Licences, equivalent to the UK Full, may operate in the UK –  lower licence levels are not recognised by Ofcom.
  • Club calls are not recognised or permitted. CEPT agreements apply to personal calls only
  • The UK is not party to ECC Rec 05(06)
  • Brexit? – this has no impact – CEPT is not an EU body


Visitors from Countries who are NOT CEPT Signatories

Licensed amateurs from countries which have not implemented CEPT Recommendation T/R 61-01 or T/R 61-02 will still need to obtain a temporary UK licence from Ofcom, at the fee applicable. Such licences are issued on the strength of their home licence if a reciprocal agreement has been entered into between the UK and the government of their country under which we recognise each other’s qualifications.


Callsign Prefixes

Visitors to the UK operating under T/R 61-01 should prefix their callsign with Mx/, where x is the appropriate UK regional identifier.  For example if amateur F1ABC visits the UK, they would be:-

  • Visiting England   M/F1ABC
  • Visiting Scotland:  MM/F1ABC
  • Visiting Wales: MW/F1ABC   etc  – as defined by T/R 61-01

Note that it is  Mx/ – not Gx/which would be a breach of UK and CEPT Licence conditions.


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