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rsgb-dxpedition-fundThe RSGB assists HF DXpeditions to the rarer countries through a fund that is supported each year from proceeds of the raffle, which is held at the annual RSGB Convention, as well income from legacies and donations.

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The trustees of the fund would like to acknowledge the generosity of those providing legacy bequests and donations, and also those who provide the prizes and participate in the raffle.

The fund is administered by four trustees, comprising RSGB HF Manager (Ian Greenshields G4FSU), Martin Atherton G3ZAY, Gordon Rolland G3USR and Michael Wells G7VJR.

They apply the following criteria and conditions.


  • The DXpedition has a good chance of working a significant number of stations in the British Isles—say 100-plus different stations; this is evaluated by considering the following:
    • The general organisation of the DXpedition
    • The stated plans to work Europe
    • The equipment to be used
  • The country being activated must be well up the European wanted lists, say in the top 25 percent; in the case of IOTA groups, the group should be credited to fewer than 25 percent of active participants on the IOTA database.
  • The team should contain some experienced DX operators.
  • The QSO target for DXCC entities should be in excess of 15,000; for IOTA activations the target should be at least 2,000 QSOs.
  • The application for funds must be made in advance of the DXpedition.
  • Consideration may be given to supporting the cost of a young person—under 26—joining a DXpedition which meets the criteria above.
  • Favourable consideration will be given to those organising a trip timed to support or overlap with an RSGB contest.

Funds are usually sent only after the operation has begun.

The RSGB is probably now one of the 10 largest contributors to DXpeditions worldwide and very few national societies make donations to DXpeditions in the way we do.


The DXpedition agrees to:

  • Include the RSGB as a donor, with the RSGB logo printed prominently on the QSL card and DXpedition website, and recognise this donation in all articles and presentations about the DXpedition
  • Operate the DXpedition under the guidelines contained within the DX Code of Conduct
  • Upload the full DXpedition logs to LoTW , and in the case of IOTA activations ClubLog—for IOTA credit purposes—as soon as possible after the end of the DXpedition, with a maximum delay not exceeding 12 months
  • If the RSGB donation exceeds £500 the team shall send a write-up, in English, of the DXpedition for publication in RadCom—the RSGB’s members’ magazine

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All requests for support from the RSGB DXpedition Fund must be made by completing the application form.

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