Cadets Foundation licence application

Important information for applicants

Cadets operating radio equipment

This page is for cadets and staff who have passed the Cadet Forces Foundation Licence exam ONLY.

For training and operating on MOD frequencies contact your local Radio Officer.

To apply click the Start Application button

On receipt of your details we will send you your Foundation Level certificate, this includes your RSGB candidate number which you need to obtain your Foundation licence and callsign.

Once you have obtained your RSGB candidate number, you need to apply for your Foundation Licence.

Applications for licences are made on the Ofcom website.

To apply you will need to create an Ofcom user account, this only takes a few minutes to set up.

Apply now

Before starting your application please ensure you have the following details to hand—

  • Your address and postcode
  • Your date of birth
  • Your telephone number (mobile or landline)
  • Your MOD unique reference number (URN)