University Corner

Are you a member of a university amateur radio club? Would you like to find one to join?  Or are you keen to revive or even start a new one?

University Corner draws together names and contact details to help university radio amateurs get in touch with each other.

If you’re not licensed but would like to learn about amateur radio, please use this list to get in touch with people at your university and find out more.

  • Cambridge University
    Cambridge University Wireless Society (CUWS)
    Chair, Stephen De Bank, M0UXP,
    Honorary President, Martin Atherton, G3ZAY:
  • Cardiff University
    Cardiff University Amateur Radio Society
  • De Montfort University
    De Montfort University Amateur Radio Society, G3SDC and M2A
  • Glasgow University
    Glasgow University Wireless Society (GS4AGU/MS0WSG)
    Michael Topple, GM5AUG,
  • Imperial College
    No radio club active at the moment. Steve would like to hear from current students/lecturers who would like to re-start the club with the club call sign G5YC
    Steve, M0BPQ
  • Lancaster University
    No organised radio club yet but Joe would like an informal group
    Joe Kinrade, 2E0JKI,
  • Open University
    Open University Amateur Radio Club, G0OUR
  • Queen’s University Belfast
    Queen’s Amateur Radio and Electronics Society (QUB_ARES)
    Chair, George Travers, MI0XOJ
    Secretary, Grace McCormick, 2I0GYL
  • Southampton University
    Southampton University Wireless Society (SUWS), G3KMI
    President, Cori Haws, M0YCH
  • University of Birmingham
    No organised radio club yet but Andrew would like an informal group
    Andrew J. Morris, M0CWX
  • University of Chester
    No organised radio club yet but Kevin would like an informal group
    Kevin Jones, MW0IBT:
  • University of Edinburgh
    No organised radio club yet but Jiaxun would like an informal group
    Jiaxun Yang, 2M0HSO
  • University of Essex
    Essex Amateur Radio Society (EARS)
    Adrian Clark, M0PDF
  • University of Greenwich
    University of Greenwich Amateur Radio Club (M0UOG)
  • University of Kent
    TinkerSoc, G3UKC
  • University of Oxford
    There is no formal club yet, but Aurelio would like to re-start the Oxford University Radio Society (OURS) with call sign G3OUR
    Please contact Aurelio Carlucci, M0OXN:
  • University of Suffolk
    Amateur Radio Society, G5UOS
    Keith Hotchkiss, G0FEA,
  • University of Surrey
    Electronics and Amateur Radio Society (EARS), G3IGQ and G8AHK
    Caspar, M6OWI
  • University of Sussex
    Amateur Radio Society, G4AQG
  • University of York
    Wireless Society, M0UOY

All information has been provided by students and lecturers—please use the websites to check the latest contact information.

If you would like to be added to the list, send the details to