World Thinking Day on the Air

A group of GuidesWhat is World Thinking Day?

Thinking Day on the Air is organised by The Guide Association on the third full weekend in February. The founder of the Guide movement, Lord Baden-Powell, and his wife, Lady Baden-Powell, the World Chief Guide both celebrated their birthday on 22 February, which is now known to all Guides as Thinking Day. On Thinking Day members all over the world think about the international nature of Guiding.

To find out more visit the World Thinking Day website.

A group of Guides in the USAWorld Thinking Day on the Air

The aim of World Thinking Day on the Air (TDOTA) is to encourage Guides to make friendships with members of other units, using amateur radio as the means of communication.

TDOTA stations are mostly set up by experienced radio amateurs who voluntarily work to support TDOTA. The positive effects of the event are shown in the increasing numbers of Guiders, Rangers, and the Guides themselves, with amateur radio licences.


How to Participate

Stations complete a report form which is sent to the Guide Association who then compile an annual report. Copies of the current report are available from The Guide Association on receipt of an A4 SAE. Guiders interested in setting up a station can obtain a comprehensive information pack which includes a blank report form, a brief description of TDOTA, how to organise a station, and a certificate to copy and to issue to participants. Further information is published from time to time in the Guide Associations magazine.

Guides on the Air activities are increasingly happening at other times, with radio stations at camps, activity days and leader training days.

It is hoped that Brownies and Guides will be able to use TDOTA to work towards Communicator and World Guiding badges.

The Guide Association fully supports the UK Radio Licence training schemes, and many members of the movement have gained Foundation, Intermediate and Full licenses.

Further information can be obtained on receipt of an A4 SAE from:

The Youth Programme Team
The Guide Association
17-19 Buckingham Palace Road
London SW1W 0PT

Call 020 7834 6242 or see the Girlguiding UK website.