Volunteer Leadership Team

The Volunteer Leadership Team (VLT) was established in 2018 and comprises leading volunteers and key HQ staff members

Its purpose is to provide a focus for all those leading the development of the amateur service including those priorities identified in RSGB Strategy 2022.

This is essential because amateur radio covers a fascinating and wide range of interests and challenges which require an integrated approach to effective review and action planning.

The VLT meets three times each year to review major developments and to consider specific topics such as:

  • Spectrum defence (esp. interference)
  • Support for antenna planning
  • RSGB Support for members (what the Society provides as basic entitlement)
  • Regional development (e.g. encouragement of new style clubs)
  • Promotion of amateur radio for the future (innovation)
  • Recruitment and retention of members

See key messages from recent VLT meetings.

Its membership comprises:

  • RSGB Board Directors
  • RSGB General Manager and senior staff members
  • Thirteen elected Regional Representatives (RRs) whose prime role is representing the Society and its members in its 13 regions—they have a Regional Forum within the VLT
  • The Chairs of all RSGB Committees
  • The Society’s specialist Honorary Officers