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Getting started: the Foundation Licence

Man operating an amateur radio station in a garden

To begin transmitting on amateur radio you need to pass a simple multiple-choice test called the Foundation exam.

Find out how to apply for and take your Foundation exam, plus information about fees and training.

Already an amateur?

Why not step up for more privileges, extra frequency bands and a higher power licence?

Here you will find out about the next step: the Intermediate Licence

And finally – how to approach the ultimate amateur radio qualification; by taking the exam for a Full Licence.

You will need to have passed Foundation to take the Intermediate exam, and to have passed Intermediate to take the Full exam.

The Direct to Full examination is specifically aimed at aspiring amateurs who are already competent in related technical subjects. However, it is open to all, and Foundation and Intermediate amateurs are free to enrol for the Direct to Full examination.

Preparing for exam success

Passing an amateur radio exam at any level owes much to technique. This article, originally published in RadCom has plenty of good advice…