Transatlantic Tests

The early 1920s saw the dawn of international amateur radio. A series of significant milestones led over some five years from no amateur transmission ever having been heard on another continent, to intercontinental two-way communications becoming commonplace.

The RSGB will commemorate these historic events by encouraging everyone to get on the air to make QSOs – focusing on December 2021 and December 2022. Full details of the how you can participate will be published here.

Special Events and Activities

RSGB, ARRL and our members are organising some great on-air activities to celebrate the achievement of transatlantic communications by radio amateurs one hundred years ago.

13-14 November 2021 Transatlantic QSO Party, sponsored by the Radio Club of America
December 2021 – details to follow 1BCG Special Event – activation of a replica transmitter on 160m CW

The Story of the 1920s Transatlantic Tests

Transatlantic Tests History

Transatlantic Tests 1 – Initial failure prompts ARRL plans for further tests

Transatlantic Tests 2 – ARRL representative Paul Godley goes to Scotland

Transatlantic Tests 2 – Godley wins the bet

Transatlantic Tests 3 – Europe is heard in North America

Transatlantic Tests 4 – Two-way Transatlantic amateur communication achieved

Radcom, Wireless World and Radio News Articles

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