Transatlantic Tests

The early 1920s saw the dawn of international amateur radio. A series of significant milestones led over some five years from no amateur transmission ever having been heard on another continent, to intercontinental two-way communications becoming commonplace.

The RSGB has commemorated these historic events by encouraging everyone to get on the air to make QSOs – focusing particularly on December 2022.

RSGB Events in 2022 – The Transatlantic Centenary Tests

December 2022 The Transatlantic Centenary Tests final scores, rules and the story of the event
1 December 2021 –

31 December 2022

Commemorative Transatlantic QSL Card – for G6XX, G6ZZ, G5WS, G5AT and G3DR plus their regional variants, also for GB2ZE and GS2ZE.

The Story of the 1920s Transatlantic Tests

Transatlantic Tests History

Transatlantic Tests 1 – Initial failure prompts ARRL plans for further tests

Transatlantic Tests 2 – ARRL representative Paul Godley goes to Scotland

Transatlantic Tests 2 – Godley wins the bet

Transatlantic Tests 3 – Europe is heard in North America

Transatlantic Tests 4 – Two-way Transatlantic amateur communication achieved

Radcom, Wireless World and Radio News Articles

Bridging the Atlantic” – Radcom May 2018

The Erection of 5 WS – The Radio Society Special Station at Wandsworth” – Wireless World, January 20, 1923

The Transmitting Station of the Radio Society of Great Britain” – Radio News, July 1924

Events and Activities completed in 2021 can be viewed here