What is contesting?

Contesting usually involves a competition to see who can contact the most stations in a set period of time on certain bands and within specific rules

While contests often have similar objectives, each event has its own set of rules and kinds of information that you can exchange with the stations you contact during the contest.

Contesting has been the driving force behind the many technical advancements in amateur radio, from transceiver/amplifier design to antenna and station configuration, and there are three RSGB committees dedicated to contest administration, development and adjudication.

These committees organise contests throughout the year on both the HF and VHF—and above—bands.

Most of these contests are for RSGB Members and/or RSGB affiliated clubs although participation by overseas stations is welcomed.

If you are new to contesting, the RSGB has published a guide for beginners, specifically aimed at HF contests although much of the advice is equally applicable at VHF and above.

A VHF-specific guide How to Enter a VHF Contest is also available.

Contest rules and results

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Contest clubs and groups

If you are, or wish to be, an active contester and do not belong to an RSGB affiliated club, why not join the RSGB Contest Club? Membership is open to all RSGB Members at no cost.

Your local club may also be active in contests, so do check with them via our Club Finder map.

In addition, there are also a number of groups across the UK that specialise in contests. You can find these using the map search below.

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