VHF Contest Committee

4x10 element Yagi array

4×10 element Yagi array

The VHF Contest Committee (VHFCC) is responsible for contests on frequencies above 30MHz

What we do

  • The VHFCC is responsible for the contest strategy for the annual RSGB Contest Calendar (balance of contests, contester development, etc.), rules, adjudication principles, and their development through consultation
  • The VHFCC committees will also be responsible for communication for contest matters in their part of the radio spectrum

Members of the VHF Contest Committee

The VHFCC had six full members. The current members of the other two contesting committees (CSC and HFCC) are also listed on the same page.

Information on Contesting

Further information on contests and contesting can be found on the RSGBCC website.