Contest Support Committee

Putting up antennas on RSGB VHF National Field Day 2014

Putting up antennas on RSGB VHF National Field Day

Responsible for providing effective IT support, adjudication, special contest call administration, trophy management and communication related to those functions

What we do

The Contest Support Committee (CSC) is one of the three contesting committees that are responsible for the administration of all RSGB contests. The other two committees are the HF Contest Committee (HFCC) and the VHF Contest Committee (VHFCC).

The CSC is responsible for administration and adjudication of all RSGB contests, trophy/award administration. This team of experienced and dedicated volunteers administered 214 contests (57 HF, 157 VHF) in 2021.  The CSC also provides support and advice to the HFCC and the VHFCC.

A comprehensive in-house developed website is run by the Contest Support Committee with links to all RSGB contest rules, results (past and present) and to the log submission robot.

Members of the Contest Support Committee

At the end of 2021, the CSC had thirteen members. The current members of the other two contesting committees (HFCC and VHFCC) are also listed on the same page.

Information on Contesting

Further information on contests and contesting can be found on the RSGBCC website.

Please note: The CSC is a service orientated committee and does not hold regular meetings.