EMC Committee

The prevention of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) between electronic equipment has become a major issue.

This topic comes under the general name of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

What we do

The EMC Committee (EMCC) has four main functions:

  • To help and advise on members  EMC problems
  • To lobby regulators and guide standards to protect the spectrum
  • To investigate emerging EMC threats
  • To represent members on these and other EMC matters

House and signal tracesTo achieve these aims the committee maintains contacts with industry, regulators and service providers. It is an active member of the RSGB Spectrum Forum.

If you want help with diagnosis of an interference problem the EMC technical section is your first port of call. If you want to talk to someone about your problem contact the Help Desk

However, If you need help with technical topics or applicable standards the committee are the best people to contact.

The EMC Committee publishes a bi-monthly two page article in RadCom on EMC-related topics and experimental work.

EMCC is also the lead group regarding exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). Please address any EMF queries to emc.chairman@rsgb.org.uk