Terms of Reference

The EMC Committee (EMCC) consists of skilled volunteers and reports to the RSGB Board. The chair is appointed by the board and they appoint other volunteers.

Roles of the Committee

1) To provide help to members who have EMC / EMF problems:

  • To advise how to track down interference.
  • To advise how to avoid causing breakthrough.
  • To advise members on EMF requirements

2) To guide standards to protect the spectrum:

  • Representation on national and international Standards Committees

3) To investigate emerging Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) threats:

  • To monitor new technology and any resultant interference
  • To investigate new RFI sources and make appropriate recommendations for mitigation
  • Update RSGB website to provide advice for members to problem diagnosis

4) To increase awareness of EMC and EMF issues through:

  • RSGB  website pages and advice leaflets
  • Regular EMC column and articles in RadCom
  • Conference and convention presentations / papers
  • Talks and demonstrations at local clubs and groups


Operational Methods

Committee members work on matters arising either as a team, in groups or individually as circumstances require.

Reporting and co-ordination meetings are held at least every other month, either electronically or face to face, as circumstances permit or require.

Minutes are published on the RSGB website as soon as practicable after each meeting.

The committee may co-opt Associates and corresponding members to help them with their work.

A committee Secretary administers meetings including recording minutes.