EMC Committee members and their roles

  • Chairman 
  • Vice-Chairman & Investigations
    John Rogers, M0JAV
  •  Website & Investigations
    Bob Bennett G8BFF
  • Standards & Investigations
    Stephen Browning G8WUR
  • Website & Publications:
    Steve Carter G8EPA
  • IARU Representatives:
    Martin Sach, G8KDF
    Hilary Claytonsmith, G4JKS
  • EMC column RadCom & Investigations :
    David Lauder G0SNO
  • Standards & Secretary
    David Taylor GD4FMB

Consulting members Alan Melia G3NYK,  Robin Page-Jones G3JWI, Colin Richards G3YCR

Helpdesk Coordinator Ken Underwood G3SDW

The committee has these Terms of Reference