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Ofcom consultation on proposed changes to the Amateur Radio Licence

Following their consultation on proposed changes to the amateur radio licence, Ofcom have recently published the General Notice of Proposal to Vary Amateur Radio Licences. Adoption of the proposed licence variations will necessitate changes to the examination syllabus. Ofcom are inviting “representations” from licensees and other stakeholders and expect to publish their final decision on the changes in February 2024, with the license changes coming into effect after the end of the first quarter of 2024.

The timescale for putting the licence changes into effect is such that the Examinations and Syllabus Review Group have been working on the revised syllabus (v1.6) in parallel with the Ofcom consultation.  For the benefit of tutors, we are now releasing the current drafts of the sections 1 and 7 of syllabus v1.6. These are the only sections of the syllabus that will change compared to v1.5 in current use. This preliminary work is based on the assumption that all the licence changes proposed in the general notice will be adopted.

We should point out that this is unlikely to be the final draft. It is possible there could be further changes after Ofcom have considered any representations. We are providing this draft as a ‘heads-up’ to tutors of the direction of travel and the scale of changes that are likely.

While this is not intended to be a consultation on essential syllabus changes, we welcome any comments from tutors. Please send these to and


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