Exam Specifications – Syllabus 2019

In order that clubs can prepare new training materials we have provided documents to help you see what material in Syllabus 2019 at each of the three levels is completely new, what’s been removed from the syllabus entirely and what’s been moved between levels.

Other than the completely new items, some material has been moved between levels. So, for example, something that was originally part of Intermediate may have now moved to Foundation. There are two additional documents, published below, which aim to show where in the new syllabus the material has come from. In order to help with this we’ve used a colour coding system—please refer to the document footer for the meaning of each of the colours used. Again, the Intermediate version of that document will appear in due course. With regard to training, it is likely in these cases that the training materials already exist, but will need to be shifted between courses.

You will also notice that in Syllabus 2019, some items are described in more detail than in the old syllabus e.g. 1A1 in Foundation, explicitly mentions business and advertising as examples of commercial use. This is not “new” material, but is meant to better define what candidates need to know.

The examinations team at the RSGB look forward to supporting and working with you to make the adoption of the new syllabus as smooth a process as possible.

Tony Kent, G8PBH
Examinations Standards Committee Chair


Countdown to Syllabus 2019


Exam Specifications


Exam Overview

Summary of exam questions, pass mark/percentage and time:-

 Time, mins
Foundation    26    19    73    60
Intermediate        46    28    61    90
Full     58    35    60  120


Syllabus Origins

The following documents from August 2018 indicate the changes compared to the previous syllabus. Please note that these Added and removed documents and the Combined Syllabus Changes document pre-date any changes made since September 2018 in response to feedback or identified errors:

  • Combined Syllabus Changes (72-page/1.04MB PDF) – This uses highlighting to indicate the source of each item:
      • White (not highlighted) are items which are either totally new or substantially changes from the original syllabus
      • Yellow – items which are from the old Advanced syllabus
      • Green – items from the old Intermediate syllabus
      • Blue – items from the old Foundation syllabus

    Clicking on a highlighted area will reveal the source reference from the original syllabus—if the embedded links do not work in your browser, please right-click the link and download the PDF file to your computer.

    Please note that some minor changes have been made to the syllabus since the change documents were created.