EM Field Exposure

On the 21st February 2020 Ofcom launched a Consultation on EM Field exposure —Proposed Measures to Require Compliance with International Guidelines for Limiting Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields. Our view is that while we appreciate the need for ICNIRP guidelines we feel that the proposals from Ofcom are not proportionate and indeed potentially onerous for all amateur licensees.

The RSGB has prepared two briefing papers for all UK amateurs which you can download from the links below. The first summarises the consultation:

The second paper is a guide outlining some of the points individual radio amateurs may wish to include in their own response which must be submitted by June 12.

The Society has formed a team which is finalising the RSGB formal response which will include the evidence for our position and give more details. Our aim is to submit this on June 5, well before the Ofcom deadline.

Info & Updates: