EM Field Exposure

Ofcom have decided to include a specific condition in Wireless Telegraphy Act licences requiring all licensees to comply with the ICNIRP general public limits on EMF exposure. This condition will apply to amateur licences and a draft of the proposed regulations has been released as part of Ofcom’s second consultation document. 

RSGB has submitted its response including detailed comments and suggested amendments to this second EMF consultation.

We continue to prepare guidance to help radio amateurs to assess compliance and keep the necessary records.

We have developed an additional front sheet in the RSGB/Ofcom calculator (3.7MB Microsoft Excel Worksheet) to calculate your EIRP from practical station parameters. Comments welcome to m0jav@rsgb.org.uk

RSGB/ARRL volunteers are using advanced computer modelling to estimate RF exposure much more accurately in the near field and close to ground, to help assess compliance when the Ofcom calculator is too conservative or may not apply.

The data will be analysed to :

  • Identify ‘inherently compliant’ configurations that need no further assessment (only record-keeping)
  • Establish compliance contours showing the maximum transmit power for compliance at a given location relative to the antenna
  • Provide practical guidance on mitigation measures such as ensuring no-one is present in a non-compliant location before transmitting (which amateurs can often easily do)

RSGB plans to extend the current guidance on good “RF housekeeping” for managing EMC issues to include good practice for compliance with EMF exposure limits. We also plan additional training and amendments to the examination syllabus.

This supplements the February 2020  Consultation on EM Field exposure below


Earlier Documents/Information:

  • EMF-Consultation: RSGB Response  (16-page PDF, Jun-2020) – Our detailed response to the original February Consultation stated that we appreciate the need for the ICNIRP guidelines but cannot support the proposals from Ofcom that are onerous. RSGB suggested a more appropriate change to the existing amateur licence conditions referencing the 2020 ICNIRP Guidelines. The RSGB also indicated it will prepare its own guidance and training to help amateurs follow these ICNIRP guidelines.
  • EMF-Consultation: RSGB Response Guide  (3-page PDF, May 2020)  – The RSGB prepared a guide outlining some of the points individual radio amateurs may wish to include in their own response. Ofcom indicated in their October-2020 Statement that around 240 inputs were received from individual amateurs.
  • Ofcom: EMF FAQ  (PDF, Apr-2020) – This was released to clarify a number issues, including the release in March of the latest ICNIRP 2020 guidelines.
  • Ofcom: EMF Consultation – Feb-2020 – The initial consultation was released in February 2020, with a deadline that was subsequently extended to June 2020.


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