EM Field Exposure

The Amateur Licence now requires all amateurs to check compliance with EMF exposure limits.  More information can be found on the Ofcom web page ofcom.org.uk/emf.

Guidance: Ofcom has also published information about compliance, assessment and record keeping:-

RSGB Technical assistance: 

RSGB calculator available as a  web app  and a  spreadsheet version (366 KB MS-Excel Worksheet v.rsgb11d) to calculate your EIRP from practical station parameters. This calculator will be updated later to use exposure limits based on ICNIRP 2020 reference levels and will incorporate more antennas and PAEC’s

Pre-assessed configurations:

Draft versions of pre-assessed configurations will be posted here as they are prepared. These can be used to check compliance of your configuration.

EMF teamwork: RSGB/ARRL volunteers are using advanced computer modelling to better estimate RF exposure particularly close to antenna elements and/or close to ground. This will help assess compliance when a simple calculator is too conservative. RSGB is also working with Ofcom to measure some typical configurations below 10MHz to check that reference levels are not exceeded outside proposed exclusion zones

The data will be analysed to :

  • Identify pre-assessed ‘compliant by design’ configurations
  • Establish recommended exclusion zones (relative to the antenna) to avoid the reference levels for a given transmit power being exceeded
  • Provide practical guidance on mitigation measures such as ensuring no-one is present in a non-compliant location before transmitting

RSGB plans to extend the current guidance on good ‘RF housekeeping’ for managing EMC issues to include good practice for compliance with EMF exposure limits. We also plan additional training and amendments to the examination syllabus.


Earlier Documents/Information:

  • Compliance Checks are required after 18 November 2021 for frequencies above 110MHz, after 18 May 2022 for frequencies above 10MHz but below 110MHz, after 18 November 2022 for frequencies below 10MHz.
  • RSGB/Ofcom calculator (v10a) (3.0 MB MS-Excel Worksheet version rsgb10a) to calculate your EIRP from practical station parameters—incorporating the Ofcom spreadsheet.  Compliance checks using this version remain valid. later versions have additional checks built-in.
  • Using RSGB EMF calculator with Libre Office
  • Ofcom have published their final decision on changes to the Wireless Telegraphy Act licences requiring all spectrum users (including all radio amateurs) to comply with the ICNIRP general public limits on EMF exposure.
  • Compliance Checks are required after 18 November 2021 for frequencies above 110MHz, after 18 May 2022 for frequencies above 10MHz but below 110MHz, after 18 November 2022 for frequencies below 10MHz.
  • Earlier, Ofcom published a summary of all Amateur Responses to their consultations together with each of the individual responses. You can see that changes were made to original proposals after the responses from individual amateurs and the RSGB.
  • Ofcom’s second EMF consultation (Oct-Nov 2020). 
  • RSGB response including detailed comments and suggested amendments to the second EMF consultation.
  • RSGB EMF Update (2-page PDF, Nov-2020)
  • EMF-Consultation: RSGB Response (16-page PDF, Jun-2020) – Our detailed response to the original February Consultation stated that we appreciate the need for the ICNIRP guidelines but cannot support the proposals from Ofcom that are onerous. RSGB suggested a more appropriate change to the existing amateur licence conditions referencing the 2020 ICNIRP Guidelines. The RSGB also indicated it will prepare its own guidance and training to help amateurs follow these ICNIRP guidelines.
  • EMF-Consultation: RSGB Response Guide (3-page PDF, May 2020)  – The RSGB prepared a guide outlining some of the points individual radio amateurs may wish to include in their own response. Ofcom indicated in their October-2020 Statement that around 240 inputs were received from individual amateurs.
  • Ofcom: EMF FAQ (PDF, Apr-2020) – This was released to clarify a number issues, including the release in March of the latest ICNIRP 2020 guidelines.
  • Ofcom: EMF Consultation-1 – Feb-2020 – The initial consultation was released in February 2020, with a deadline that was subsequently extended to June 2020


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