Solar PV panels

If you are having problems with RFI from Solar Panels this document from QST provides useful advice:-

Have you, or has a neighbour, installed Solar PV panels?

If so, we would like to hear from you.

We are trying to build a clearer picture of the circumstances in which these installations cause a significant rise in the noise levels on the amateur bands.

If you, or a neighbour, have installed Solar PV, please let us know whether you have noticed an increase in noise level.

We would like to know, if possible:

  • When the Solar PV was installed and the power of the installation in kW
  • Make and model number of the inverter, if known (that’s the main electronics associated with the installation, normally fitted in the loft) and whether it has optimisers fitted (these may be fitted behind individual panels or built in to panels). If optimisers are fitted, how may are there and what are the make and model number (if known)? This information should be itemised on the invoice for the installation, or can be taken from the manufacturer’s make/model information on the equipment label (in the case of the inverter)
  • Whether there is any increase in noise and if so how much, and on what bands

Please remember that a return saying ‘no increase in noise’ is just as important as one reporting a noise problem.

The information you supply will help the Society build a clearer picture of the pattern of interference and inform its policy in this area.

Please e-mail this information to