EMC Standards Work

RSGB has been represented on many National & International Standards Committees

Currently we are active Participants in

GEL210/11 Product EMC EN55022 IT Equipment Radio disturbance, EN55024 IT Equipment Immunity Characteristics, EN55032 Multimedia Equipment emission requirements, EN50561 PLT devices

GEL210/12 Basic generic and LF EMC a plethora of standards on lighting,wiring, power systems, for domestic and industrial environments

CISPR/F Interference from Household appliances

We also keep a monitoring watch on

EMC Policy GEL 210, PEL205 Mains Signalling, BSI committee on Smart Grid.

If you would like to help in these matters please contact the RSGB EMC Committee

Updates Published by the EMC Committee accessible via the web site are listed below

A record of the RSGB’s activity regarding PLA & PLT can be found in the Special Focus PLA-PLT News. Some of the documents are also listed here:

HF Noise

A presentation by the RSGB EMC Committee on the levels of background noise expected on the HF bands