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2013 RSGB Convention – EMC and the Radio Amateur

2014 RSGB Convention – Emerging RFI threats

2016 RSGB convention – Diagnosing and reporting RFI      video

2017 RSGB Convention – RFI Update  focus on VDSL         video

EMCC Papers

 One common source of interference is VDSL broadband you can find advice on how to identify and report this to Ofcom through this link

How to identify VDSL interference v1.0

The results of RSGB testing for VDSL RFI are presented in these papers

VDSL RFI Impact on the Amateur Radio Service -interim report

VDSL Radiation and its Signal Characterisation

VDSL2  RFI Impact on the Amateur Service final report_v2

Ofcom meeting and subsequent correspondence on EMD from VDSL

VDSL RFI Update Ofcom meeting 8 Oct 2019  and the outcome

Other recent investigations

Testing Radiated emissions from a domestic induction Hob

Leaflets on Tackling EMC problems

Please note: These leaflets are intended for members of the Radio Society of Great Britain, but are available to non-members on the understanding that any information is given in good faith and the society cannot be responsible for any misuse or misunderstanding.

EMC leaflets 1, 2, 5 and 8 are intended for neighbours, but only give neighbours  copies of those leaflets that relate to EMC problems that actually exist.

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An index to EMC Matters Articles – a bimonthly column in Radcom helps you find recent articles.