Suffering from or causing interference ?
House and signal traces
We can help you and you can help us. With a little care, and significant diplomacy, EMC problems can be minimized or eliminated.
We provide direct access to help via the EMC Matters forum
Services Provided by RSGB on EMC Issues are:
  • Supporting the members on EMC issues
  1. How to track down interference
  2. How to avoid causing breakthrough
  3. Individual help from EMC Technical Advisors
  4. Regular EMC column in Radcom – “EMC Matters”
  5. RSGB website self-diagnosis plus EMC leaflets
  • Protecting the Spectrum
  1. Representation on Standards Committees
  2. Lobbying regulators, suppliers and service providers
  3. Problem reporting & collation for enforcement action
  4. Investigations & recommendations for new threats

Reference Documents

EMC Presentation Convention 2013

2014 Convention EMC paper emerging threats

EMC Technical Terms

EMC Cancelling Noise

EMC Filters

The RSGB EMC committee leads the Society’s work in this area, and there is a panel of EMC advisors who can provide hands-on advice.

We are also participating in Noise Floor Study to determine the accumulated effect of these interference sources on the spectral Noise Floor