House and signal tracesSuffering from or causing interference (RFI)?

With a little care, and significant diplomacy, RFI problems can be eliminated or minimised. We can help you do this and your evidence can help us update our advice to others.

We provide direct access to help from others via the EMC Matters forum or email our helpdesk.emc@rsgb.org.uk

Other services Provided by RSGB EMC committee include:

  • On-line Advice and assistance on RFI issues
  1. How to track down interference
  2. How to avoid causing breakthrough
  3. Articles published in Radcom – “EMC Matters”
  4. How to minimise RFI EMC leaflets
  • Protecting the Spectrum from RFI
  1. Investigations to track down and mitigate new RFI
  2. Representation on Standards Committees

RSGB wants to establish the full extent of radio frequency interference, we are therefore asking every one who is experiencing local interference to help us

Further advice can be found in I am experiencing Interference