Board of Directors

Long lenticular table and comfortable office chairsThe Board comprises the President, four directly elected members and three members identified by the Nominations Committee (and endorsed by the membership).  Each Director provides a liaison function between the Board and the committees as listed below. The role of the Liaison Member is to provide Board-level oversight of the work of the Committee. They will ensure that issues raised by the Committee are considered by the Board, and that relevant Board policies and decisions are communicated to the Committee Chairman. In the event of a complaint about a Committee, the Liaison Member will investigate on behalf of the Board

The following are the current Directors following the AGM held on 23 April 2016.

  • Nick Henwood, G3RWF (President, IARU)
  • Steve Hartley, G0FUW (Chair, Youth, RCF)
  • Stewart Bryant, G3YSX (ARDF, Contest, ETCC, Tech Forum, Publications)
  • Alan Messenger, G0TLK (CMG, PSC, TEC, Promotion)
  • Graham Murchie, G4FSG (EMC, Spectrum, AROS/Intruder Watch, IOTA)
  • Len Paget, GM0ONX (Emergency Comms, PAC, Regional Council)
  • Ian Shepherd, G4EVK (Awards, Exams, CMG, IOTA, Youth)


Honorary Treasurer
Richard Horton FCA, G4AOJ

Company Secretary
Rupert R. Thorogood, G3KKT

Note: The Company Secretary and Acting Honorary Treasurer are not Directors, but are in attendance at Board meetings

Also in attendance is

General Manager
Steve Thomas, M1ACB