RSGB President

A prestigious and important role but what does the President actually do, and what are the myths?

RSGB President Nick Henwood, G3RWF

Nick Henwood, G3RWF

While there are some core duties that every President does—being a Board Director and representing the Society at some external events being just two—each President brings something new to the role and also gains much from it.

Nick Henwood, G3RWF (President, 2016-2018) explains:

“To some extent you can shape the role to suit your interests and availability but first and foremost you need to be wildly keen on amateur radio.” Nick shares more of his thoughts about the President’s role in this video – take a look!

John Gould, G3WKL (President, 2014-2016)

John Gould, G3WKL

Representing the Society does require a time commitment, but John Gould, G3WKL (President, 2014-2016) found that he learned a lot in the process:

“The President’s representational duties gave me an almost unique insight to the breadth of amateur radio. I had cause to look into areas of the hobby that I hadn’t experienced before, giving me a better overall ‘helicopter’ view of where amateur radio was currently positioned and some feeling as to how it might evolve in the future.”

Hilary Clayton-Smith, G4JKS (President, 1999)

Hilary Claytonsmith, G4JKS

Hilary Claytonsmith, G4JKS (President, 1999) adds:

“I gained a far better insight into the complexities of the way the Society works and the sheer workload involved in providing a comprehensive support network for amateurs, something which is difficult to comprehend unless you are closely involved.”

Bob Whelan, G3PJT (President, 2002-03 & 2013/14)

Bob Whelan, G3PJT

Meeting radio amateurs and the general public also offers opportunities to share the excitement of amateur radio as Bob Whelan, G3PJT (President, 2002-03 and 2013-14) explains:

“In the Centenary year celebrations we were able to show that amateur radio appeals to a wide audience of all ages, that it can lead to a positive social outlook which is very relevant to the 21st century environment and that for many, it has led to fulfilling career opportunities and a fun-filled challenging pastime.”