Amateur Radio

These are frequently asked questions about the practice of amateur radio in general -


How do I become a licensed amateur radio operator?

Full information is available on the Getting Started pages and Becoming an Amateur FAQ.

How do I register to get my lifetime licence?

Go to Ofcom’s Online Licensing Services web page Fill in the online form, you will then be issued with a user name and password. This will allow you to log into Ofcom’s licensing service and apply for your lifetime licence (which will require re-validating at intervals of not more than 5 years).

How often do I have to re-validate my lifetime licence?

At intervals of not more than 5 years, or if your personal details change (such as name and address). To re-validate, log in to and amend any details as soon as possible, this will automatically revalidate your licence.

If you have not yet registered to use the Ofcom Online Licensing Service you will need to do so in order to access your licence online. When registering for the first time you will need to have details of your lifetime licence number, which can be found on page 1 of your 23 page Licence document.

Who do I contact to renew my lapsed licence?

A. You need to contact Ofcom, asking for an OF346 application form, or download it from .

How do I report abuse on the air ?

You can report this to the Amateur Radio Observations Service (AROS). You can contact AROS via e-mail to

How do I apply for a special event station callsign?

You can download the application form from Ofcom’s website and then post it to Ofcom.

Are special event station callsigns available for Foundation or Intermediate licence holders?

Ofcom’s rules are that SES and SSES callsigns are available to full licence holders only.

Where can I get advice on Antenna Planning issues?

You can find details on the RSGB website on the Planning Advisory Committee page, where you can also send questions to the RSGB planning committee direct.

How do I apply for a Repeater or Packet Node?

Full details for applications can be found on the RSGB ETCC committee at its website

Where do I find information on Repeaters and Packet Nodes?

Full details are on the RSGB ETCC committee website,

How does my club inform RSGB of up-and-coming events for RadCom and GB2RS?

Send your info to This covers RadCom and GB2RS. The deadlines are printed in RadCom at the start of the “Around Your Region” section.

What is the e-mail address for GB2RS?

How can I subscribe to GB2RS?

Go to Update your personal or club membership information and ask us to add you to the mailing list.

Where do I find the latest rally information?

Refer to a recent edition of RadCom or check out the RSGB Events Site.

How do I tell RadCom about my rally?

Send an email with details to This covers both RadCom and GB2RS. The deadlines are printed in RadCom at the start of the “Around Your Region” section.

I have interference problems – where can I get advice ?

Go to the EMC Matters pages, and if the advice does not help, feel free to contact one of the EMC Advisors who can be found on the EMC Technical Advisors page.

Where can I get general technical advice ?

Either join the RSGBTech forum (at where you will find people able to help, or contact your local Regional Manager
(see the Regional Team pages.)

I’m interested in contests. Where can I find more information ?

Go to the Radio Sport pages.

Do I need an amateur licence to transmit video from my model aircraft?

Airborne transmissions are specifically prohibited in all UK amateur radio licences.
The official information on radio controlled models is at Section 11 of the page discusses amateur radio, airborne operation and licence exempt video transmission. When we checked in January 2014, airborne transmissions were legal from compliant equipment (see links from ofw311) operating on the 5.8GHz band with a maximum power of 25mW EIRP. The best technique is to use a medium gain receiving aerial (10dBd or more) and a sensitive receiver; a range of around a mile should be quite possible.