Solar CME and Earth's magnetic fieldWelcome to the RSGB’s Propagation Information pages. Brought to you by the Propagation Studies Committee

This page and the sub pages associated with it are here to assist in the understanding and advancement of Radio Propagation comprehension.

They are put together and maintained by the RSGB’s Propagation Studies Committee, more information on the committee can be found on the¬†committee’s page, below the ‘about us/how are we organised/committees sub pages. A good place to start is to insert a topic into your favourite search engine, however, below is a short list of beginner type links to get started.

Basics of Radio Wave Propagation – has a nice glossary of terms.

Basic Facts About Space Weather – from the University of Michigan

Educational Material from IPS (Australia) – wide range of material

Glossary of Solar-Terrestrial Terms

How the Sun Works

Ionospheric Physics of Radio Wave Propagation

Introduction to the Ionosphere – from the National Geophysical Data Center

ITURHFProp Propagation Prediction tool

The Earth’s Magnetosphere – from NASA

The Sun, the Earth, The Ionosphere: What the Numbers Mean – from ARRL. Also here

The Interplanetary Magnetic Field – basic explanation

The Sun’s Magnetic Cycle – introduction, etc.

Space Weather and Prediction Center Education Page

Solar Radio Noise

What is WSPR