On Line Propagation Tools

Here are all the propagation tools available:

RadCom Tools – for point-to-point monthly median HF propagation predictions to 28 different locations (some including long path) using user-defined mode, power, antennas:



Radcom has printed predictions, based on ITURHFPROP and produced by Gwyn G4FKH

General HF Propagation Tools:

For monthly median HF propagation predictions between any two points on the planet allowing full control over input parameters

Gwyn G4FKH’s Predtest

James HZ1JW’s Proppy

Quick overview of propagation for UK for every month and for every hour, using VOACAP, along with solar indices, K index graph and solar wind model

Steve G0KYA’s Short Path propagation from UK

Near real-time graphing tool of Critical Frequency (F0F2) and predicted MUF in UK:

Jim G3YLA’s Propquest