Planning Advisory Committee

Amateurs around a table discussing a planning applicationThe Planning Advisory Committee comprises of seven members; its role is defined in detail in the RSGB Yearbook, but the following details give an overview.

Planning advice booklet

The Committee maintains the contents of the the RSGB’s planning advice booklet Planning Permission: Advice to Members and the Planning Matters web pages so that they reflect current regulations and best practices.

Commenting on Department of the Environment (DoE) guidance or local policies

The Society is consulted by the DoE when legislation or guidance affecting amateurs is in draft. The most significant advice so far as the amateur is concerned is Planning Policy Guidance Note 8 (PPG8) Telecommunications Development. At its last revision the Committee sought, and had accepted, significant changes in the parts of the PPG which relate to interference. These changes help define and limit the powers of councils to refuse permission because of concerns about EMC.

The Society is also consulted from time to time by individual councils on proposed policies. The Committee welcomes this opportunity to try to shape the policy to minimise any adverse effects on amateurs in that Council’s area.

Attendance at rallies and exhibitions

So far as it can, given a limited number of Committee members, the Committee wishes to be represented at major rallies and exhibitions so as to be able to provide face-to-face advice to Members. This will normally be under the auspices of a wider RSGB presence.

General coordination

The Committee coordinates the work of Panel members, and in particular keeps a register of decided planning appeals affecting amateurs. Although inspectors decide appeals on planning merits, appeal decisions offer a useful insight into what criteria are considered important by the Inspectorate. Any Panel member has access to these, and can make them available for Members use.