2300-2302 MHz NoV

Ofcom building and logoWhilst the central section of the 2.3GHz band (at 2350-2390MHz) is being removed from the UK amateur licence due to ‘spectrum release’ changes, we have negotiated access to a new segment at 2300-2302MHz. An NoV for this segment is available to Full Licensees for upto 400W on a secondary basis for UK use*. This makes it potentially suitable for narrowband/EME and similar applications. Applications for NoVs can be made below, but note that the NoV is valid for a period of three years.

Please read the NoV application form and terms carefully since there are geographic and non-interference requirements which are different to the rest of the 2.3GHz band. For example it is a requirement to specify any additional usage locations in addition to your main station address.

Apply Now

Before starting your application please ensure you have the following details to hand—

  • Your address and postcode
  • Your callsign
  • Your licence reference (the number of your Full amateur radio licence)

To obtain your 2300-2302MHz  NoV, click the button below.

Important note – regional secondary locator placeholders

In your licence document your callsign may contain the # (hash) symbol as a placeholder for a regional secondary locator. Please do not try to enter the hash symbol in our NoV application forms as the system does not accept this character. Instead please either remove the hash symbol or substitute the appropriate regional secondary locator in accordance with Section 2 item 2(2) and 2(3) of the Amateur radio licence terms, conditions and limitations (29-page/398KB PDF)

Data protection

By clicking the button below you consent to RSGB collecting and storing your data from this application form solely for the purpose of issuing and administering the 2300-2302 MHz NoV and sharing this data with Ofcom if requested to do so.

*The NoV authorises the use of the authorised frequencies only in the United Kingdom, Guernsey and Jersey. It does not authorise use of the authorised frequencies in the Isle of Man or in any other country or territory.