VHF Spectrum Release

70.5 – 71.5 MHz

2-April-2015: Ofcom have agreed the use of 70.5 MHz to 71.5 MHz by radio amateurs for digital experimentation.

Use will be permitted only via a Special Research Permit and further details of the application process will be published in due course. See Here for further information


146 – 147 MHz

The 146-147 MHz band was made available to Full Licensees only (including Club/Reciprocal), by a NoV in October 2014.

NoV restrictions include absolute band limits, 25km grid squares near other countries (see map) and a band limit of 146.9375MHz in or within 40km of Scotland. Power is 25W erp max and the maximum permitted antenna height is 20m above ground level.


Further information on the Harmonised Calculation Method (HCM) agreement referred to in the NoV is available here



The original Ofcom call for input regarding VHF spectrum was in 2012. Our joint input developed in the Spectrum Forum was based on innovative digital communications:-

On 10th October 2014 Ofcom published a statement confirming their proposals for the release of VHF Spectrum in the 143-169MHz range. This included a proposal regarding temporary amateur use of 146-147 MHz, based on our previous submissions in 2012 and 2014 (see background below).



  • The 2014 RSGB Convention Presentation above provides an overview of the opportunity for innovation in 146-147 MHz.
  • The Society’s wider work in relation to spectrum management, including the 2012 response above, can be found by following:
    About Us > Committees > Spectrum Forum > SF-Papers and Consultations.