International Women in Engineering Day – Ayse Colak

Ayse Colok works in the space industry. Read about her career to date…

Ayse is a TT&C engineer at B2Space with more than three years of experience helping communication links between the payload and ground station. Specialising in RF communication, Ayse uses that experience to track or send commands to the payload which can be tens of kilometres in the air.

Ayse studied electronic and communication engineering for her bachelor’s degree before deciding to specialise in communication. She completed her master’s degree in the field of wireless and microwave communication engineering in 2020. This experience raised her awareness of RF environment and enabled her to analyse RF communication at a deeper level. While studying her master’s degree, she started working part time with B2Space and progressed to full time upon graduating. Ayse is now undertaking a PhD in control systems as she wants to develop herself in a different discipline.

Ayse’s B2Space career also offered her the opportunity to work with David Johnson, G4DPZ (Committee Member of AMSAT-UK, life member of AMSAT and member of the ARISS-UK team). Having an amateur radio licence is one of her future goals.