International Women in Engineering Day – Deborah Kearse

Deborah’s career has been inspired by her dad Ian Suart, GM4AUP who is the RSGB OAS Coordinator and a former RSGB President.

Deborah says, “I am a Chartered Engineer and am currently the Group Technical Deliver Lead – Data and Digital Transformation for a UK defence and security company. My role involves technical leadership of several large global digital transformation programmes.

I have also been employed as a Chief Technology Officer, as well as being the lead engineer of a large multi-year programme delivering training systems to the Army, RAF and Navy.

Being a woman in engineering can feel tough at times, but I think there is also a very positive side to it. In a hugely male-dominated industry being the only female in the room can make you stand out and people take notice of you. I think that the skills that you pick up as an engineer around problem solving, systems thinking and creativity can allow you to apply yourself to jobs all across the world and across all industries.

My dad hugely inspired me into engineering through his work as an engineer and through amateur radio. I think amateur radio develops a great set of skills that can be used in engineering including physics, technology and communication. These are essential in modern engineering.

I have been working as an engineer for just over 15 years. Every day brings a unique challenge. If you are at all interested in technology, the application of physics/maths to real world problems or just making a difference to the health, safety or security of this world then engineering is a great place to be.”