Recent RSGB award recipients

Surely the best bit of award chasing is the moment you receive your certificate or trophy and know that you have achieved your goal.

We are very pleased to congratulate the following recipients who, through their dedication, have completed the criteria to receive their chosen award.

Lindsay G8PMA IARU Region 1 Award (Class 2)
50MHz Squares Award (75 Squares)
50MHz 2 Way Countries Award (30 Countries)
Tom GM8MJV 50MHz DX Countries Award (75 Countries)
50MHz Squares Award (400 Squares)
John G0OFD IARU Region 1 Award (Class 3)
Paolo IT9JPS IARU Region 1 Award (Class 1)
Geoff G4FKA IARU Region 1 28MHz Award (Class 2)
Commonwealth Century Award (5 Band Century)
Bob G4PDF 50MHz 2 Way Countries (50 Countries)
50MHz Squares Award (200 Squares)