HF Awards

Here you will find a summary of the HF awards offered by the RSGB, a link to the details of the HF Awards Manager and other useful information.

Summary of RSGB HF awards

The RSGB have the following awards, which should be read in conjunction with the General Rules, for activities on the HF bands. For further details, or specific enquiries about these awards please e-mail hf.awards@rsgb.org.uk

  • The IARU Region 1 Award
    For contacts with countries that are members of IARU Region 1. This award is available in 3 classes for contacts with 40, 60 and all member countries, with endorsements for single band or mode contacts available
  • The Commonwealth Century Club (CCC)
    Series of awards for contacts with call areas of the Commonwealth of Nations. The basic award is for 100 call areas, with a Supreme Award for contacting all call areas. There is also a 5 Band (80,40,20,15, 10 m) award in five classes with additional endorsements for WARC and 160m bands
  • Worked ITU Zones (W ITU Z)
    Series of awards for contacts with stations located in ITU Zones. The basic award is for working 70 of the 75 ITU Zones, with a Supreme Award for contacting all 75 Zones. There is also a 5 Band (80, 40, 20, 15, 10 m) award in five classes with additional endorsements for WARC and 160m bands.
    The “advanced” levels of the CCC and W ITU Z Awards offer a difficult challenge to even the most active DXer. In recognition of this difficulty there are plaques available for the higher classes of these awards

All RSGB Awards are open to short wave listeners but there is also the DX Listeners Century Award (DXLCA) especially for SWLs. The basic award is for obtaining QSL cards from amateur stations in 100 countries, with subsequent endorsements for additional countries in steps of 25 to 200 countries, in steps of 10 from 200 to 300 countries and in steps of five beyond 300 countries.

The Worked All Continents (WAC) Award, issued by IARU Headquarters, may be claimed through the RSGB HF Awards Manager.

RSGB HF Awards Manager

All applications and enquiries regarding HF awards should be sent to the RSGB Awards Manager.

DXCC Field Checking

QSL cards for the ARRL DXCC Award may now be checked in the UK (4-page/108KB PDF). This applies to QSL cards from a list of selected countries taken from the full DXCC list. For a list of the countries eligible for field checking and details of the checkpoints, please send an SAE to G4BWP QTHR or via email to fredch@homeshack.freeserve.co.uk

CQ Awards Checkpoint

The UK Checkpoints for CQ Awards are Rob Ferguson, GM3YTS gm3yts@btinternet.com and John Dunnington G3LZQ, hf.awards@rsgb.org.uk.

Please note that the Awards Manager John Dunnington G3LZQ is currently unwell and there may be a delay in processing award applications .  Charles Wilmott, M0OXO has kindly agreed to provide temporary support to the programme and will respond to all award emails.